Product Detail
Hydro Soothing Gel Mask


A dramatically moisturizing mask that continuously moisturizes your skin for long hours. Blended with a few effective natural plant extracts, to protect the skin against external environmental aggression.

Active Ingredients:

Watermelon Rind Extract

Watermelon rind is one of nature’s few materials to contain citrulline. Citrulline is essential to the functioning of filaggrin which forms a critical part of the skin’s own water based moisturizing complex.

Lentil Fruit Extract

Contain high content of Vitamin B5 and trisaccharide. Research showing that it can be effective for hydration and wound healing. Its powerful water retaining power enable it to become an excellent natural moisturizer.

Apple Extract

The apple extract delivers the complete health benefits of a spectrum of apple antioxidants, including the important fruit skin polyphenols. It is bioavailable and provides protection throughout the body against the damages of free radicals and ORS (oxygen reactive species)that can wreak havoc on major biochemical molecules like the DNA. It can also be a suitable material to protect the skin against the damaging sunlight.

Packing: 500gm