Product Detail
Holistic Lifting Treatment Set

6 Treatments per Box

  • 6x Holistic Soothing Serum (4ml)
  • 6x Holistic Soothing Soft Mask (40g)

A combination of plant extracts that help to firm the skin cell and give extra lift and tone. Specially formulated with actives to stimulate the collagen synthesis, reduce the sign of aging and wrinkle caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin.

Active Ingredients:

Consistof isoflavones, diadzin and peurarin which help to regulate estrogen balance. It helps by improving appearance of stretch marks fading of new and old scars.

It is refining from soybean extract. It has antioxidizing activity which related to the anti-carcinogenic effect. It has high lipid solubility and penetrates the skin easily.

Phytoestrogens which plant-derived compounds that mimic an estrogen-like effect for anti wrinkle and anti oxidant function.

Contains vitamins A, E and B12. It also produces a balancing effect on estrogen activity.