Product Detail
Holistic Purifying Treatment Set

6 Treatments per Box

  • 6x Holistic Hydrating Serum (4ml)
  • 6x Holistic Hydrating Soft Mask (40g)
Contains natural extracts with strong anti-bactericide and soothing effect to reduce inflammation. It makes the skin fresher and healthier.

Active Ingredients:

Green tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which protects the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals. Green tea extract also stimulates skin microcirculation and therefore positively influence the tone and health of the skin. Green tea extract is a good anti-inflammatory agent thereby reducing inflammation in the skin, and most importantly having an inhibitory action on collagenase, and hence prohibit the breaks down of collagen layer.

Keep the skin soft and prevents abnormal pH fluctuation. It decreases infected eruptions, heals the affected skin portions and has a soothing effect.