Product Detail
MultiEx Soothing Treatment Set

Botanical Soothe and Repair skin (Reveal Soft and Comfort Skin)

Perfect for: Dry & Sensitive Skin, Skin Redness, Irritated and Discomfort Skin


Immediate Soothing & Calming effect

Reduce Skin Redness And Irritation

Prevent Sensitive Skin 

Pore Minimizing effect 


Active Ingredients:


Multi Plant Extract

A proprietary ingredient consists of many plant extracts, help to relieve and calm skin irritation and itching caused by severe dryness.


Kudzu Extract

It soothes sensitive skins and reduce inflammation, redness and anti-dryness. Produce good effect on skins radiance care.


Pumpkin Seed Extract

An active ingredient for the prevention of sensitive skin and excellent soothing care for all skin types.

Oat Straw Extract

Effectively reduces itch and redness,minimize the cause of inflammation and reduce skin discomfort caused by external.


MultiEx Soothing Scrubbing Mask 5x 8ml

MultiEx Soothing Essence 5x 3ml

MultiEx Soothing Boosting Cream 5x 12ml

MultiEx Soothing Modelling Mask 5x 45gm