Deep Action Scrubbing Mask

A perfect cleansing scrub for removing blackheads and dead skin cells effectively while performing lifting effect for a soft, smooth and supple skin.


Packaging: 500g

Skin Types

Active Ingredients

Diatomaceous Earth

Often used to support body cleansing, it is also a naturaltool for promoting normal blood lipids and detoxing toxic metals.


Romance chamomile

An extract from herbal product serves great function in soothing skin and treating skin condition.



An active ingredient with lifting effect, as its superficial tightening action is combined to the anti-aging activity through the proven increase of collagen synthesis, which has a wrinkle-replenishing effect.

Directions of Use

Apply to dry face and leave on for 3 minutes. Use damp fingertips to massage gently in circular motion before rinsing.


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