Hydro-Refreshing Eye Mask

Hydro-Refreshing Eye Mask is made up of great natural ingredients for relaxing the delicate skin around the eyes. It works well on reducing eye bags, dark eye circles, fine lines and achieves radiant and brighten eye look.


Packaging : 50 pieces x 15g / box

Skin Types

Active Ingredients


An active ingredient with lifting effect, as its superficial tightening action is combined to the anti-aging activity through the proven increase of collagen synthesis, which has a wrinkle-replenishing effect.


Mandarin Orange Extract

Improve skin tone and color, helping to combat dark circles under the eyes, puffy skin, aging skin and tired skin.


Ash Bark Extract

Designed to target the under-eye area. It improves the eye contour by boosting micro circulation which effectively reduces under-eye bags and puffiness.

Directions of Use

Apply on cleanse face, leave on 15-20 minutes.


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